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Cindy's Story

Cindy had been getting yearly mammograms, because her sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36. Every year’s mammogram had been fine until 2014, which came back shockingly different. After a more extensive mammogram and biopsies, she received a diagnosis of bi-lateral, triple negative breast cancer.

Her sister in Seattle insisted that Cindy get a second opinion at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, which she did. There, she met with a multidisciplinary team of doctors, including a breast surgeon, oncologist and radiologist. Together, they decided that she would start on chemotherapy before a bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction. She would also have surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes, given the risk of ovarian cancer. “Since triple negative breast cancer is an aggressive cancer, it was decided that I would have an aggressive treatment,” Cindy said. She has had a complete response to treatment, meaning that there is no evidence of any remaining cancer.

As a survivor, Cindy and her family (husband Randy and daughters Emily and Jessica) have gotten involved with fundraising for Susan G. Komen® Great Plains. She also supports those who have just been diagnosed with longtime friends Tricia and Mary.