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Disney's Story

Disney is raising money and awareness for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation in hopes that a cure and better treatments will come soon to help improve Crohn’s and colitis patients’ quality of life.

Disney’s own treatment started with anti-inflammatory pills, an immune stabilizer pill and prednisone. The prednisone helped him gain weight back, but did not put him in remission. Remicade infusions soon followed. The Remicade seemed to help keep him stable for about a year, but the blood work began to show that it was no longer working for him. He went back on prednisone for a few months without seeing good results. This is when his treatment became very difficult.

Disney was put on a NG feeding tube with a pump. He had to insert a new tube through his nose into his stomach every week. The pumping process lasted 8 to 10 hours per day. He could only eat 100 calories of actual food each day. This treatment worked for a while, but once again, blood work showed it was failing him. Disney went back to taking prednisone for a few months. His current treatment is a bi-monthly Entyvio infusion that he has been on almost a year. So far, the Entyvio is keeping his blood work numbers at an okay level but still not where he should be. Sadly, he has been told by his doctors that this may be the best that he can be for right now.