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Jennifer's Story

In 2008, Jennifer Leduc was diagnosed with Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis - a rare, aggressive form of the disease. "It's the invisible disease," said Leduc.

Tumor-sized lesions on her brain leave the single mom of two enduring constant pain and fatigue. "I have so much to deal with, with my health, and I have this responsibility as a mom, and it's hard. But they're good kids. They're very smart. Sometimes they're understanding, sometimes they're just not, but that's OK, they don't have to be, they're kids," she said.

Medically disabled, Jennifer is no longer able to work or drive. "I really depend on my faith, my God, Jesus! He's the only reason I get through anything," said Leduc.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society also offers support, through the Traveling Turkey program and other events throughout the year. "One of the biggest things we get to do with this is connect with people who are otherwise isolated by the disease," said Ian Kimmer with the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Kimmer joined the nonprofit after his aunt and friend were diagnosed. "The thing that intrigues me greatly about what we do here in Nebraska is the chance to build community," said Kimmer. A community Kimmer hopes will become a support system for people like Jennifer, living with Multiple Sclerosis.