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Lucas’ Story

My name is Lucas Sokolik, and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in the 6th grade. I feel honored to be supporting my community by sharing my story.

My disease began with tiredness, weight loss and loss of appetite. By the time my parents scheduled a doctor’s appointment, I had lost almost 20 pounds. I wasn't trying to lose weight, although my pediatrician thought otherwise. He suspected that I was starving myself, and my parents didn’t know whom to believe. My parents would get upset if I didn’t finish my plate at supper. It took almost a month before my parents and doctor realized I was physically sick.

Frequent bowl movements and continued weight loss finally sent me to the hospital for an upper and lower endoscopy a day after my 13th birthday. The GI staff at Children's Hospital suspected that I had an inflammatory bowel disease and the results verified their suspicions. I had convinced myself that I was insane and was relieved to find out I wasn’t crazy. I was told I have Crohn's disease and would have it for the rest of my life.

After trying several drugs, I have found a combination of medicines that help me live a normal life. Unlike most of my peers, I carry an “anytime pass” to go to the restroom at school, visit the school nurse every day to take my medication and bite my lip through my Humira injection every other Sunday morning.

I will always have Crohn’s disease. I will always need my medicine. I will always carry my laminated bathroom passes. And I will always need the support of the Crohn’s and Colitis Community. Crohn’s Disease isn't chronic because it’s incurable; it's chronic because it can't be forgotten.