Maria's Story

Maria had been experiencing pain in her right breast for some time, but she didn’t have health insurance and wasn’t able to afford a trip to the doctor’s office. But thanks to a grant to One World from Susan G. Komen Great Plains, she had the opportunity to explain her pain to a One World physician during the free clinical breast exams offered at the Women’s Health Night during Bi-National Health Week.

The physician sent Maria for a mammogram and her results came back normal, but the pain didn’t go away. So her physician ordered an ultrasound and needle biopsy, which revealed that Maria had an invasive ductal carcinoma - breast cancer. Although Maria was devastated by the news, One World’s team of caregivers assured her they would be there throughout treatment and provide emotional support to Maria and her family.

She received a lumpectomy to remove the mass in her breast and is currently undergoing radiation treatment to clear away any remaining cancerous cells. Because One World’s free screening revealed a potentially life-threatening breast cancer, Maria was able to seek treatment and is now on her way to being healthy and pain-free.