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Martin's Story

How could a mother be relieved that her child is in jail? Marlene can answer that question.

Her son, Martin, has been in the cycle of homelessness, hospitalizations and jail for years. He received his first traumatic brain injury (TBI) at age seven.  Since then, he’s been in and out of institutions without receiving comprehensive evaluation, treatment or living options.

Martin is now 39 years old and in jail again.  At least there, Marlene is comforted to know that he is taking his meds, being fed and has a bed to sleep in. However, per the cycle, she knows it won’t be long before he’s on the streets again. So, she is purchasing warm clothes and supplies and worrying about his safety.

In the meantime, Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska has become involved with the case. Through resource facilitation, the organization is exploring housing options that would meet Martin’s needs. In addition, understanding this is a growing trend, BIA-NE is collaborating with other organizations, such as shelters, juvenile facilities and prisons to provide screening tools and establish a process to ensure needed services are available in hopes that one day, they will break the cycle.