Milan's Story

During the Ice Bucket Challenge in Summer 2014, Milan and his wife Gloria didn’t think much of it. “We thought it was funny and silly, but we didn’t give it a lot of attention,” said Gloria. That changed in January 2015 when Milan was diagnosed with ALS.

It started with tripping and balance problems, and after his diagnosis, suddenly the fad took on new meaning for the Gloria. “It was really wonderful. The funds that were generated help in so many ways.” One of the ways the Ice Bucket Challenge funds have helped is in ALS research. The Johnsons know the cure for ALS is probably years down the road, too late for Milan, but Gloria has hope. “You never know what is right around the corner,” she said.

The Johnsons advocate on behalf of ALS. “We took a picture of ourselves on TV and included it in our Christmas cards. We wanted to let everyone know about ALS. So many people don’t relate to that.”

Milan and Gloria take it one day at a time, with help from The ALS Association, Mid America Chapter. They attend support group, are seen in The ALS Association Certified Treatment Center of Excellence in Omaha and have participated in the Lincoln Walk to Defeat ALS®. They plan to work through this together and continue to hope for a cure.