Sophia's Story

Type 1 diabetes doesn’t stop. It is 24/7, something Sophia’s family learned first-hand on August 22, 2013. Her parents had scheduled a routine Kindergarten physical and mentioned that Sophia had been drinking and using the bathroom frequently. The doctor ran some tests and came back to the room and said, “I’m sorry but I believe your daughter has type 1 diabetes.” Sophia was admitted to the hospital where she remained for three days, learning all about life with diabetes.

Sophia received an invaluable pal, Rufus, from JDRF, who is a teddy bear that has type 1 and also has to check his blood sugar and inject insulin to stay healthy. Sophia and her family quickly got involved with JDRF and attended their first walk just a month after Sophie was diagnosed. The research and education funded by JDRF provides hope for everyone affected by type 1 diabetes.

Sophia pricks her fingers 10 times a day, sometimes more if she’s having too many lows/highs. For the first year and half of her diagnosis, Sophia relied on 4-5 insulin injections daily to get the insulin she needed to survive. In January 2015, she tried a pump. However, diabetes still requires constant monitoring. In May 2015, Sophia got a Diabetic Alert Dog, Snickers, who is able to sense the rapid rise and fall in her blood sugars, which provided her family with a peace of mind knowing that they have another tool to help keep Sophia safe!