Autism Action Partnership

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About Autism Action Partnership
Autism Action Partnership works to improve the quality of life of persons on the autism spectrum and their families through education, advocacy and support, thereby enabling them to be an integral part of the community.

Programs & Services Offered

  • Circle of Friends: Students with autism learn and practice social skills in the school setting along with peer mentors. Circle of Friends is offered in more than 250 Nebraska schools.

  • PACE: Supported employment services for adults with autism

  • Making Memories: Free sensory-friendly events for families affected by autism at a variety of local venues

  • Big Red Safety Boxes: Toolkits available at locations across the state for children in danger of wandering/elopement

  • BE SAFE Training: Teaches individuals with autism how to interact safely with the police while encouraging mutual understanding and respect

  • Summer Camps: Art and drama camps available to multiple age groups

  • Autism-Friendly Environments: Training, social stories and sensory kits provided to local venues to increase inclusivity

  • Annual Autism Summit: National and local speakers present diverse perspectives on autism-related topics

  • Web-based Resource Center: Information on providers and support available to families affected by autism

Did You Know?

  • The CDC estimates that 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism. Using that statistic, up to 32,500 Nebraskans could be affected.

  • Autism is more prevalent than juvenile diabetes, pediatric AIDS, leukemia and muscular dystrophy combined.

  • Autism affects all ethnic and socioeconomic groups; yet, minority groups tend to be diagnosed later and less often.

  • Two-thirds of children with autism have been bullied.

  • About half of the individuals affected by autism wander or bolt from safety, and drowning accounts for approximately 90% of deaths related to wandering incidents by those 14 and younger.

  • Roughly 50,000 people with autism transition into adulthood each year. It is estimated that 80% to 90% of adults with autism are unemployed or underemployed.

  • Autism costs a family approximately $60,000 a year for special services and lost wages.

You Can Help

  • $25 creates and provides a sensory kit for an individual with autism

  • $50 offers a scholarship to an educator to attend the Annual Summit

  • $100 offers a “Making Memories” event to a family

  • $250 allows a client to participate in AAP’s Summer Art Camp

  • $500 creates and funds a new Circle of Friends program

  • $1,000 allows a client to complete PACE Advantage (Job Readiness Training)

  • $2,500 pays Work Experience wages for a PACE client

  • $5,000 offers an entire Making Memories event to the community

Dollars at Work

  • More than 3,800 children participated in the Circle of Friends program

  • 40 young adults were involved in the PACE Program

  • More than 3,800 people participated in the Making Memories program

  • 280 families received a Big Red Safety Box

  • 50 police officers attended the Experience Autism training

  • 25 police officers and 25 individuals with autism participated in the BE SAFE event

  • 50 local educators and providers were certified to use the BE SAFE curriculum

  • 110 people attended the annual Autism Summit

Contact Info
402-763-8830 | website | 10110 Nicholas, Suite 202, Omaha, NE 68114