The partnership agreement between CHAD and United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County began in 1989. This collaborative agreement continues to be an unqualified success.

CHAD and the 21 member health charities we represent participate as full campaign partners in the United Way/CHAD campaign in workplaces throughout Lincoln and Lancaster County. Gifts to the United Way Impact Fund directly benefit our health charities, just as they help support the human services agencies funded by United Way. Learn more about our jointly funded campaign partners here. CHAD receives a guaranteed portion of the United Way/CHAD campaign.

Whether supporting care and support programs, education and prevention programs or advocacy and medical research, CHAD funding benefits Nebraskans in Lincoln and Lancaster County and across the state. Health issues can affect any family, and all Nebraskans will be ultimately served by a CHAD member charity at some point in their lives. We are thankful to all of those who partner with us in workplace campaigns and especially to our annual Top 50 campaigns.

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