Seven Steps to Run a Successful Campaign

  1. Recruit team members to help with your campaign (one person for every 20 employees or one person for every department).

  2. Plan incentive items for teams or departments who meet their goals. For example:
    - Offer a breakfast cooked and served by managers for the winning team (highest percentage of participation and/or highest per-capita gift)
    - Ask local businesses/vendors for gift certificates that can be used as giveaways
    - Hold a raffle for a one-day job swap with the boss

  3. Ask a key executive to send a personal letter in support of the campaign to each employee via email, interoffice mail, etc.

  4. Set a short campaign window with pre-determined open and close dates.

  5. Send a memo to employees asking for testimonials from anyone affected by the chronic illnesses and diseases our participating health charities represent. Be sure to ask them to describe how they have been personally helped by the charities.

  6. Plan a staff meeting or company-wide meeting to present the campaign. Be sure to have donuts, ice cream, lunch or any other treat on hand to entice attendees! At the presentation, you can also:
    - Ask staff members to share their personal experiences with a particular charity
    - Show a CHAD video
    - Invite a charity representative and/or CHAD staff member to speak
    - Ask a key executive to address the group about his/her support of the campaign
    - Pass out pledge forms (it is best to personally deliver pledge forms to employees who cannot attend the meeting)
    - Offer an incentive prize or drawing for the first person to turn in a completed pledge form
    - Thank all employees for attending, then follow-up with a formal reminder to fill out pledge forms by the due date

  7. When the campaign is complete, it’s time to share and celebrate your results! Be sure to thank your employees for their participation and for making a difference in the health of those in their community.