The #CHADChallenge is a monthly feature included in our Health Matters newsletter that aims to promote health in the workplace. Complete all 12 unique challenges during the 2019 year to earn a certificate and a reward. Share your progress every Tuesday by commenting on our #TrackItTuesday post or by tagging us on social media and using the hashtags #TrackItTuesday and #CHADChallenge.

October: Evaluate Your Physical Health
September: Stretch at Work
August: Bring Your Lunch to Work
July: #CHADPlankChallenge
June: Take 10
May: Mental Health
April: Volunteer
March: Drink Water
February: Get More Sleep
January: Stay Healthy at Work

Track your progress by completing our form each month.

Name *
How many stretches did you try?
August #CHADChallenge
Did you bring your lunch to work in August?
July #CHADChallenge
Did you work up to a minute plank every day in July?
June #CHADChallenge
Did you #Take10 this month?
May #CHADChallenge
Did you focus on your mental health this month?
Which volunteer opportunity did you complete?
Indicate how many days during the month of March you increased your water intake.
February #CHADChallenge
How many nights did you get 8 hours of sleep or more in February?
January #CHADChallenge