Chris' Story

Chris is an active and intelligent young man and, at 25 years, he definitely doesn’t look like someone who would have arthritis. Two years ago, he started experiencing pain he knew was not normal. He went to the doctor and after several MRIs he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. He is thankful to be very healthy apart from his arthritis pain, although he has had to limit some of his activities and hobbies, like playing flag football.

Chris graduated from Creighton University with majors in financial analysis and economics. He remains active in the Creighton alumni association and serves as the Kiwanis ambassador to Creighton’s Circle-K service organization. Chris keeps busy with various hobbies and attending Bluejays basketball games. He is also a member of the CHAD State Board of Directors.

Chris does not let his diagnosis of osteoarthritis slow him down. He does not see himself as a victim and says, “I will continue to get up every morning and participate in as many activities as possible for as long as I can.”

Chris realizes he was uninformed about arthritis before his diagnosis. He has two hopes and goals for the future: to increase awareness that arthritis affects people of all ages and demographics and to find a cure for arthritis to eliminate the pain that he and others face daily.