Glossary of workplace giving terms

A term for the total process of raising funds by a specific method among a particular group of people during a set period of time.

Combined Campaign:
A campaign in which more than one federation is represented. CHAD is a federation (others include United Way and Community Services Fund). One joint pledge card is printed and one brochure that lists all participating agencies is distributed to potential donors. It is run by an employee steering committee and each federation has one representative present at meetings. Combined campaigns are usually only run in the public sector (e.g. governmental groups or schools).

A donor makes a gift to a specific charity or federation.

Payment sent to CHAD member charities for actual pledge dollars received during the quarter, reflecting each charities' pledges and applicable portion of undesignated pledges.

An organization such as CHAD that represents its member charities in workplace giving campaigns. These organizations are also known as umbrella groups.

Fiscal Agent:
The federation selected to manage a combined campaign, which is responsible for distribution of materials, collection and processing of pledge cards, distribution of reports and funds and maintenance of campaign records.  
Member Charities:
The term for our participating health charities. These organizations have applied for membership to CHAD and meet specific requirements that enable them to partner with us to receive donations from employees.

Private Campaign:
A workplace giving campaign in which CHAD is the only participant.

Side-By-Side Campaign:
A campaign in which more than one federation is represented. Each federation supplies its own pledge cards and brochures and accepts its own fiscal agent responsibilities.