Helen's Story

Six months ago Helen thought she was going to die. After agreeing to hospice, she can now be at home to enjoy reading on her deck, piecing puzzles by the window, doing crafts, and watching her favorite daytime television from her own comfy chair.  

Helen was constantly in the hospital with cardiac issues. Her doctor suggested she consider the same heart surgery she had years before. Helen remembered how difficult the recovery was and did not want to pursue that option again, so
 her doctor suggested hospice. The program sounded good, she said “sign me up!” She is able to be home without having to worry about returning to the doctor’s office or hospital unless she chooses to do so. She has a nurse that visits and is always available by telephone. She also has an aide who comes to help with showers, a social worker who visits, and a
hospice volunteer who has become a very good friend.   

Helen is able to do things on her own schedule and enjoy all of her favorite activities in her own home. She is able to spend time with her family and friends without having to worry about being a burden to them. The hospice team is always available, day or night, to assist Helen or her family with any needs or questions.  Helen says that the hospice team is a blessing to her, everyone is so positive and caring.  

“This is the first time that I have felt at peace.” Helen makes more of life while living. Helen thought that hospice was a death sentence but wants others to know that hospice is not scary. Hospice has given Helen more time to do the things she loves. She has started working on memory books for her family members, she works on puzzles, watches her favorite soap opera everyday and loves to read on the deck.  Helen and the hospice volunteer enjoy visiting and tie blankets to donate to hospitals and other hospice patients.

Helen and her family have built strong relationships with her hospice team.  She has a bunch of new friends. “I was so down, but everyone is so nice and caring and respectful of my privacy. No one leaves without a big hug.”