Joe's Story

Joe was living with HIV and had recently lost his job. The loss of a steady paycheck caused him to quickly deplete his own resources, and he was unable to pay his bills. Joe exhausted all possible community resources that might be able to keep him in his home. He continually searched for a new job, but because he did not speak English well enough, he was not hired for any of the positions he applied for. Joe had no family to rely on for help. As a result, he put all of his personal belongings in his vehicle and made the difficult transition into the life of a homeless man, before calling the Nebraska AIDS Project (NAP).

NAP immediately went to work on Joe’s case and made sure that he was able to get some temporary housing through a community homeless shelter. Next, several referrals were made to community organizations that could potentially help Joe get a new job and locate affordable housing.They made sure he had a cell phone turned on at all times so that potential employers could reach him to set up interviews. NAP staff also helped him with transportation assistance, food assistance and healthcare assistance. Today, Joe is back working 35+ hours a week at a job that he likes very much, and he was able to move back into stable housing. Joe continues to be very grateful for the support he got from the Nebraska AIDS Project.