Mac's Story

In April 2004, after having a CT scan to screen for marfans syndrome, Mac was told that he had cancer. After having a biopsy done, he was diagnosed with follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This type of lymphoma is classified as treatable but not curable. In 2004, he had five months of chemo followed by two years of maintenance chemo. This treatment put him into remission. In 2011, the cancer returned, and he did additional treatments that reduced the amount of cancer he had but did not get him back into a full remission. In March 2015, he spent 20 days at UNMC and did an autologous stem cell transplant. At this point, he is cancer free with some hope that the cancer might not come back.  
Mac served on the Nebraska chapter of the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society’s Board (LLS). “Getting connected with caring people at LLS that can educate and help new patients understand the services and financial help that is available to them is huge. This says nothing of the treatment research that is funded to allow people like me to still be alive 12 years after being diagnosed. “

Mac is grateful to LLS and the work they do. “In 2004, our prayers were that I would live to see all our kids graduate from high school. And 12 years later we’re excited to welcome our first grandchild into the family.  God is good, and LLS helps do his work for people dealing with cancer.”