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Mouchka Family's Story

Diane Mouchka thought she had carpal tunnel syndrome; that’s what her initial diagnosis was. When none of the traditional surgeries and treatments helped, she was referred to The ALS Association Certified Treatment Center of Excellence at Nebraska Medicine. There, she received a diagnosis much more serious: She had ALS.

Diane utilizes services from several agencies and continues to attend the ALS Association clinic regularly. She has had to retire from her job at Faith Regional Foundation because the progressive muscle weakness in her hands, arms and now legs interferes with her ability to write, type and walk as much as her job demanded.

The physical changes have begun to cause her additional issues at home. She says, “I have fallen a few times, and I need help getting out of chairs. The ALS Association helped me get a lift chair and helped us to get a handicap parking sticker for the car.”

Diane says “I hope for a miracle – a cure, but I know that may not be realistic. I just do not want anyone else to have to go through this.”