Omaha Steaks' Story

Omaha Steaks has offered smoking cessation reimbursement for employees for several years but wanted to offer more support for employees trying to quit.

The American Lung Association first brought Freedom From Smoking (FFS) onsite with an external facilitator in 2012. One employee from that group of four quit smoking, and while that employee has since relapsed, Omaha Steaks saw great value in the program and decided to pursue certification. Human Resources Coordinator Amy could facilitate the course for Omaha Steaks.

From that original class, at least one employee is now smoke-free. It may not have happened while in the class, but she applied skills that she learned from FFS and has been smoke-free for over a year now. Amy then facilitated the course in 2013. There were three employees who quit smoking from the group of eight, two of which are still smoke-free today.