Payton's Story

After finding what she thought was blood in her urine, Payton was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. “Not just my life but the rest of my entourage would have a big life-changing experience,” she said. Once she was stabilized, she was sent to Children’s Hospital in Omaha for more doctoring and training on how to live as a diabetic.

JDRF helped Payron and her family by sending them information about how to live as a diabetic. She also got her bear Rufus and a story book. “Since I was the only diabetic at my school and we didn’t have a school nurse full time, my parents, along with Rufus, got to teach not only my kindergarten class, but the entire school about diabetes." A few years ago, Payton got involved with JDRF One Walk. “I wanted to find a way to educate people about diabetes and raise money. My fingers are poked 10 plus times a day for blood sugar testing. I wear a pump hooked up to me 24-7 to deliver my insulin dosages, which I am now used to. But, how nice would it be to find a device so that we don’t have to prick our finger nor wear a pump?” she said.

Payton says she still does everything a “normal” girl her age does. “I dance on the dance team; I play volleyball and basketball and even compete in track. I don’t let diabetes stop me from doing things I love."