Promoting your campaign

Generate Excitement for Your Campaign

  • Promote and publicize your campaign well in advance and at every opportunity. Company-wide email is an ideal way to send messages and updates to all employees.

  • Be creative – the results are worth the effort! A friendly challenge between departments can be exciting and fun. Award prizes for the best poster, best campaign theme, first to reach goal, highest percentage increase, best participation, etc. Competition often stimulates interest, visibility and a sense of ownership in the campaign.

  • Take advantage of incentives for giving – anything from mugs and pens to gift certificates, casual days and time off from work.

Reach Out to Your Employees

  • Begin the campaign immediately after your kick-off event!

  • Use an employee list to ensure that all employees and new hires have the opportunity to give.

  • Employees are more likely to give if they are asked personally, not just in writing.

  • Let employees know where their money is going for example, using our charity dollar amounts as examples.

  • Your employees may have questions. Acquaint yourself with the participating charities and have brochures and other information handy. Employees are also welcome to contact CHAD directly or visit our website.

  • Invite a participating charity to speak to your employees, especially if any of their co-workers are personally affected by specific diseases. Education is the key to disease management.

  • The answer is always no, unless you ask the question! Ask employees directly for their pledge whenever appropriate. Pledge forms can also be filled out during or immediately after a presentation. The longer a pledge forms sits on someone’s desk, the less likely they are to complete a form and donate.

  • Never forget to say thank you. Remind your employees that their pledges will work throughout the year, and that they now have direct access to local health charities. Whether they need the services of a charity or are interested in volunteer opportunities, CHAD can connect them to the health resources they need.