Ramses' Story

Ramses and his family first learned about the American Lung Association’s (ALA) Camp Superkids from a school nurse. They turned in the paperwork, even though they weren’t sure he would be able to be away from home for a week, his mom, Deisy, said.

His first year, he had so much fun that he has gone back every year since. He’s able to see campers from previous years and do fun activities that also teach him about his asthma. “I learned lots of stuff I didn’t know, like what triggers are and to always take an inhaler with me,” Ramses said.

“As a parent, I saw how excited he is to go to camp and how excited he is when he returns. I believe he has gained a lot of knowledge and learned to be more independent in regard to his medications for his allergies and asthma,” Deisy said. “I am very thankful we have the American Lung Association and camps that can offer this type of safe but fun activities for our children."

Ramses said, “I am very excited to return to camp and hope to see my same cabin leader from last year who was awesome and my friends!”