Terry's Story

My name is Terry Weland, and I am a Type One Diabetic (T1D). I have been a T1D for 43 years and was first diagnosed in my mid-twenties. I have a family history of T1D, including my father, three uncles, a cousin and a niece, all adult onset except my niece. When I first started my diabetic journey, I had to use beef/pork insulin, which was not easy to control blood sugars. I wanted to do something to help me better understand this disease and discover what is being done to cure it.

Twenty-five years ago I found JDF (now JDRF) and worked very hard as a volunteer with lots of other really great people to help start the biggest fundraising event, the Walk for a CURE campaign here in Omaha. We also decided to add a second event, the Gala, to also raise money for research to help find a cure. I have a really great family that started right from the first Walk to help get things going. They have all attended every walk and some of the Gala events.
JDRF has saved my life. The benefits of the research dollars raised over the years have allowed me to improve my daily battle with this 24/7/365 disease fight. The knowledge gained, the technology developed, and the results of living a healthier life are all because of JDRF research dollars.
Not only is JDRF focused on finding a cure, but it also wants to improve the life of a T1D along the way. I can promise you that you will never find a better more dedicated group of people working together to find a cure and help all diabetics.  

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