Troy's Story

Troy was a normal newborn baby. He weighed in just under 9 pounds, ate all the time and slept when he should. Two weeks after he was born, the pediatrician called and informed his parents that his newborn genetic test had come back positive for cystic fibrosis. The next few days were full of doctors’ appointments, CF education, treatments and new medications.

Over the first year of Troy’s life, he experienced twice daily chest therapy, enzymes with every meal and antibiotics for every illness. His parents have learned a lot about the diagnosis and the outlook for medical treatments. Every day is a new challenge to keep him healthy and fit in all the treatments in their already busy life.

One of the most positive outcomes of the diagnosis has been the family’s involvement with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. They quickly became involved to spread awareness and raise money for life saving treatment research. Each year has brought a new breakthrough and Troy’s family is hopeful that he will live a long, healthy life thanks to those breakthroughs.