Wyatt's Story

After Wyatt began to walk he would complain about his legs hurting. After trying casts, therapy and going through several X-Rays and MRIs, Wyatt was referred to a Pediatric Rheumatologist. At only 20 months old, Wyatt was officially diagnosed with Polyarticular Arthritis.

Now, almost 9 years old, Wyatt knows his limits. He tries to stay active with swimming and soccer, but with the pain of his arthritis some of his recreational activities are severely limited. As parents, there isn’t a day that goes by when Brian and Kelly don’t think about arthritis and its effects on their son.

“Wyatt is so caring and sweet and he is a great friend and student. Brian and I are amazed at his positive outlook and are so proud of him for not using his illness as an excuse” says Kelly.

Wyatt and his family have been active with the Arthritis Foundation’s various Juvenile Arthritis Family activities as well as participating in the annual area Arthritis Walk with family and friends. They all remain hopeful for a cure that will forever change the lives of those affected by arthritis.