Company Spotlight: Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo gives time and financial support to both United Way and Community Health Charities of Nebraska (CHC-NE) because of the alignment of these organizations’ missions with our team members’ interests. We have a strong relationship with United Way across the nation, and our local support sustains that ongoing collaboration. United Way and CHC-NE serve some of the most vulnerable segments of our community, and we are supportive of that effort.

We run an open campaign and offer opportunities for team members to organize and host projects they’re personally passionate about. These can vary from car washes and bake sales to special volunteer/kickoff events. Team members drive these opportunities and look forward to certain ones each year.

CHC-NE ensures that health-related causes are funded and receive visibility during the annual campaign. Most people can relate to at least one or more health causes that they have been affected by directly and/or indirectly. Whether personally impacted or because of something happening to a family member or friend, we want to make sure our team members are aware of all of the options they have to positively affect any cause they care about.

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Team members who give back are usually more engaged in the workplace and community. Also, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of Wells Fargo’s core values. At the heart of CSR, is our team member philanthropy program. Our team members care about their community, and they know the company cares, too. We know we can be successful only if our communities are successful. It’s not just where we work. This is where we live.